Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bob held one corner of the towel with his left hand and with his right he supported the center. Anna clutched the other corner and the two of them faced outward and moved to form two sides of a triangle, My substantive rear formed the third side giving TJ the privacy she needed. I dropped to my knees and simultaneously pulled her shorts and undies off and without a hesitation pulled up the bottom half of her swimsuit. In the same smooth motion, I clasped her t-shirt, pulling it over her head and easily slipped on the top of her tankini. Voila! TJ was ready to attack her first incursion into the Atlantic Ocean!

Anna released her end of the towel and Bob collected it revealing the wide, white beach at the edge of the expansive waters. Nothing could constrain TJ as she ran headlong down the beach into the oncoming waves: arms flailing and legs leaping. Bob, following behind her, raced her to the ocean and scooped her up. When  the water reached knee height he collapsed plunging into the sea with giggles and splashes . . . . And TJ gets her first taste of ocean water.

Meanwhile, back on shore, Anna decided not go near the water - after all 'EVERYONE IS STARING AT ME!' and ' I just spent 45 minutes on my hair!' She opted for dog duty rather than cooling off, and so she wrestled with Big Dog who struggled against her to follow his master into the waves. The tug of war went on for a good while, neither ever gaining the win. Even with Big Dog managing to get wet, Anna was able to stay dry . . . that is until . . . Big Dog sauntered right up next to her to say 'I quit but not giving up' and gave himself a good shake! Anna screamed, Big Dog now dragging his leash behind him, raced toward Bob.

TJ had her first foray into the ocean, Anna got wet regardless of her efforts not to, I found a shark's tooth, which seem to elude me with my worsening eye sight, Bob played the perfect father and Big Dog won. Who could ask for a better day!