Thursday, July 12, 2012


To my three faithful readers: I urgently need your prayers.
      TJ's case worker came by for her monthly visit last Friday. Bob and I made our normal comments on just how remarkarkable she is doing and gave her TJ's most recent (glowing!) psych evaluation. During the course of the conversation I stated that we will be taking custody of our 6 year old, very dysfunctional grandson.  He had been here for three weeks, then returned home for 2 weeks and we planned on getting him permanently this weekend.
   The case worker emphatically put her pencil down and looked up from the notes she was taking and stated, "I don't think it is TJ's best interest for him to live here. I will call a staffing on this and will get back to you next week. I'll have to take this up with my supervisor."
   This afternoon I recieved the call from the supervisor's supervisor. They have called into question our two youngest grandaughter (2 and 3 yrs) living here as well. The little girls have been living with us since October (which is why I haven't blogged) and we were awarded permanent custody of them in March.
   We are on the last leg of our adoption process for TJ. This is her home and we are her parents. We have repeatedly told her no one would take her from us. What do we do? Do we sacrifice our three grandchildren who have no where to go, to keep TJ?  Do we sacrifice TJ and keep the three? What if it only our grandson that can't stay here with her. How do we choose?
     I cannot believe this is God's plan!.
     I need you to hold my hand in prayer. I have no church home, no women's group or prayer group, I only have the three of you to stand in prayer with me. I am petioning God not to remove any of these children, His children, from their home and that something can be worked out so our grandson can be placed with us as planned. The repercusions in their little lives would be devastating - esspecially to TJ.
   Our meeting with social services in next Wednesday. Please hold my hand in prayer until then.
Thnak you so much!

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